3D Printing & 3D Fusion Manufacturing

March 20, 2024
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3D Printing & 3D Fusion Manufacturing

So, you bought a 3D printer? Congratulations! According to the hype, you’ve “entered the realm of infinite design freedom and digital production possibilities”. Unfortunately, the reality for most small manufacturers that are just getting into the technology is they often find they must choose between price and performance when it comes to the parts they print.

While many Desktop 3D printers can be used to successfully “prototype” designs, very few can deliver the strength, scalability, and consistency required to handle “full production”.

So, how can you get professional quality, fully functional 3D printed parts that are cost effective and scalable? Fortunately, 3’D Revolution Technologies has found a novel approach to this challenge. It’s called 3D Fusion, and it used to elevate as-built 3D prints, regardless of the platform or model used to print them.

3D Fusion is an additive process, applied to parts after 3D printing. It bolsters almost any 3D print in 3 significant ways,

  • Adds isotropic strength to any (sparce filled) 3D print
  • Ensures that 3D prints are air/watertight
  • Can alter or elevate overall part consistency and quality to Certifiable Product Standards

Combined with virtually any 3D printer, 3D Fusion produces higher quality parts in a shorter time frame, using less material! It does so without affecting the (as-built) surface geometry and dimensional accuracy. The final result is a more affordable Digital production process yielding substantially higher quality parts. Regardless of whether you're printing on an industrial platform or a desktop printer, proprietary or open source, 3D Fusion can help reduce the cost, and increase the value of your 3D production.

For more information contact 3’D Revolution Technologies at info@3drtinc.com