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3'D Revolution Technologies offers an extensive list of affordable 3D printing services Calgary. We've also developed some of our own innovative processes to help you Make It Real! Our 3D printing services include Rapid Prototyping and Production printing on FDM, ADM, CFF, CJP, DMP, MJP, SLA, SLS printer platforms.

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3D printing services

  • calgary 3D printing increases design freedom
    Rapid Prototyping and Production printing
  • calgary 3D printing increases design freedom
    Printing on FDM, ADM, CFF, CJP, DMP, MJP, SLA, SLS platforms
  • calgary 3D printing increases product value
    Commercial Printing
  • calgary 3D printing increases production rates
    Composite, Plastic, Metal printing
  • calgary 3D printing enables mass customization
    3D Digital Design
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affordable on-demand 3D printing

5+ years delivering excellence

3'D Revolution Technologies has been providing the best 3D printing Calgary has to offer for over 5 years now. Whatever your innovation or manufacturing strategy includes, 3D printing can enhance and accelerate your product development, and move you quickly to commercial production.

who we help

3’D Revolution Technologies helps engineers, machine shops, service bureaus, custom fabricators, and small manufacturers meet their 3D printing service needs every day! Asking yourself “where can I 3D print professionally?”, well you’ve come to the right place. Contact your 3D printing services Calgary experts today for a free quote on your next project!

finishing touches

Additionally, we offer several post-print processing services to make your 3D printed components function and look their best. This includes: 3D Fusion - for strength and functionality, painted finish - for showroom quality, heat-set inserts - for durable use and function.

unlocking 3D potential

Our 3D print shop in Calgary started up in 2016 with one objective in mind: Help our clients develop the unlimited possibilities and potential for sustainable digital manufacturing, today! We see no need to change courses at this point.

our 3D printing technologies

FDM Printing

FDM 3D printing services Calgary

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM Printing), also known as FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication), is a solid thermoplastic based rapid prototyping method that extrudes melted filament, layer by layer, to build a solid or lattice-filled model. Internal structures can contain closed hollow cells which reduces material use and provide parts with high strength to weight ratios. Customers in automotive, medical device, engineering, architecture and other industries rely on FDM 3D printing capabilities for rapid delivery of dimensionally accurate, functional prototypes, as well as small-quantity production parts. The thermoplastic parts are able to resist high temperatures, mechanical stresses and chemical degradation. Our FDM 3D printing Calgary technology is perfect for producing durable jigs, tooling or fixtures used in manufacturing processes. This process does not require special environmental, electrical or safety considerations making it highly accessible to most commercial shops.


ABS, Nylon, Polycarbonates.


Parts can be glued, machined, sanded, chemically treated, painted and coated.

3D Printers

Onyx One, Taz 6, Mini, Ultimaker 3, Ultimaker 3 Extended.

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ADM Printing

ADM 3D printing services Calgary

Atomic Diffusion Manufacturing (ADM) uses metal powder bound by plastic, to print “green” parts in much the same way that FDM Printing platforms do. The parts are then fused across all 3 axes in a sintering oven. The sintering process brings them close to, but not up to the alloys melting point, while vaporizing the plastic medium contained in the part. Shrinkage in the part does occur but is consistent and adjusted for automatically in the build process. The finished parts are fully dense and have virtually the same isotropic strength characteristics as the original alloy. ADM 3D Printing technology is ideal for a wide range of professional and industrial applications, including automotive, aerospace and defense applications, machine shop, supply chain manufacturing, etc. A unique feature of this 3D metal printing process is the ability to create “honeycombed” or hollow enclosed structures which provide very high strength to weight ratios in the finished parts. It allows for the production of complex shapes with no need for tooling, and it permits the production of dramatically different designs which could not be produced from conventional processes like machining, stamping or die casting ie. enclosed honeycomb. This process does not require special environmental, electrical or safety considerations making it highly accessible to most commercial shops.


Stainless Steel, Tooling Steel, Titanium, Copper, Inconel.


Parts can be annealed, machined, polished, coated or chemically finished after printing.

3D Printers


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CFF Printing

CFF 3D printing services Calgary

Continuous Fiber Fabrication (CFF) is a solid thermoplastic based fabrication method which utilizes nylon and nylon composite filaments for build material that may also be simultaneously incorporated with various continuous fibers during the 3D fabrication process. In the CFF 3D printing process, the continuous fibers are extruded separately from a second print head directly into the nylon substrate, across any layer(s) on the X,Y axis. As rebar is used to strengthen cement, so too are the continuous fibers used to bolster the thermoplastic substrate. The continuous fibers are pre-engineered and generally unaltered in the printing process. Fibers may be added at specific layers to achieve greater part strength, abrasion resistance, rigidity, and heat deflection wherever needed. This Calgary 3D printing platform is ideal for machine shops, fabricators, service bureaus, and any manufacturers looking for strong, functional, lightweight parts. With these added benefits the CFF printing process is able to build parts with greater functionality and durability and is an ideal choice for many functional 3D prototyping, molding, tooling, production and supply chain applications.


Nylon composite (Onyx), Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, Fiber Glass. Note: Qualities such as strength, rigidity, abrasion resistance and heat deflection can be added to the build using continuous fiber.


Parts can be glued, machined, sanded, chemically treated, painted and coated.

3D Printers

Onyx Pro, Mark 2, X7.

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CJP Printing

CJP 3D printing services Calgary

Color Jet Printing (CJP) is a powder printing process which uses colored or clear resin binders to fuse a talcum-like powder into shape, as it is deposited in consecutive layers onto a print bed, until the bed is filled. This color 3D printing service is best suited to applications where visualization and full color representation are the priority. Examples include display and concept models, figurines, replicas, artifacts, and reproductions. Once the parts are printed and post treated, they have a porcelain or ceramic quality and although they will stand up to some handling, they are not intended for functional use. Whether 3D printed with color, or left natural white, parts can be additionally clear coated to add a smooth surface finish.


Gypsum powder. Note: Plastic resin and cyanoacrylates (superglue) are used to saturate, combine, and reinforce the model geometry.


Parts can be sanded, coated and/or painted after printing. Machining of parts is not recommended.

3D Printers

Projet 660 Plus.

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DMP Printing

DMP 3D printing services Calgary

Direct Metal Printing (DMP) uses a powerful laser to spot sinter metal powder into shape, as the powder is deposited in consecutive layers onto a print bed, until the bed is filled. This process is well suited for producing fully dense and functional 3D metal printing parts with impressive accuracy and resolution. Our Calgary 3D printing technology is ideal for medical, aerospace and defense applications where weight to strength ratios are critical. It allows for the production of small and extremely complex shapes with no need for tooling, and it will allow for dramatically different part designs than those available using conventional processes like machining, stamping or die casting. It bypasses multiple stages of the traditional production process for cast or forged 3D metal parts, thereby saving both time and money in development of functional end use metal parts. Similar to SLS this process can produce multiple parts simultaneously and offers economies of scale for short run, high value production.


Stainless Steel, Titanium, Aluminum, Inconel.


Parts can be annealed, machined, polished, coated or chemically finished after printing.

3D Printers

sPro DMP 320.

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MJP Printing

MJP printing services Calgary

Multi Jet Printing (MJP) is a liquid plastic process that uses jetted droplets of UV reactive plastic deposited in layers, and solidified with light, in order to create intricate and complex geometries with a high degree of accuracy, and fine feature detail. This 3D plastic printing process is ideal for rapid prototyping and provides a quick turnaround time which is why this is one of our most affordable 3D printing services Calgary. 3D printed parts have good compressive strength, smooth surfaces and exceptional feature detail, as well as mechanical properties suitable for study models, form & fit testing, watertight and pressure applications, as well as limited functional use.


UV reactive acrylics, Rubber-like elastomeric polymers, Wax.


Parts can be painted, metal coated, glued and machined after printing.

3D Printers

Projet 2500, Projet 3600, Projet 5500.

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SLA Printing

SLA printing services Calgary

Stereolithography (SLA) is a liquid plastic process that uses laser light to solidify UV reactive resins on a build plate, as it descends into a vat of liquid resin. Each layer is etched by laser and solidified just below the surface of the liquid, which prevents oxidation and produces exceptional surface quality rivaling that of injection molding. Our SLA printing service offers the best all-round form/fit 3D prototyping capability for the verification of design elements before committing to your chosen production route. Its high accuracy and good surface finish makes it the preferred choice for 3D design and concept models, engineering verification and master patterns for silicone rubber molds. Our SLA 3D printing services Calgary offers dimensionally accurate models with good feature detail and is best suited for parts with geometries having relatively low material volumes such as shells, enclosures, meshes and lattices etc.


UV reactive acrylic resin.


Parts can be painted, metal coated, glued and machined after printing.

3D Printers

Form 2, Projet 7000.

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SLS Printing

SLS printing services Calgary

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) uses a laser to sinter powdered thermoplastic into shape as the powder is deposited in consecutive layers onto a print bed until the entire bed is filled. SLS is the 3D printing service of choice for a range of functional prototype applications, including those with snap fits, living hinges and other mechanical joints. The ability of SLS 3D printing to build multiple pieces at a time provides some economies of scale for short run, high value production and makes the process a good choice for manufacturing end use products with complex geometries that require isotropic strength, stiffness, and/or heat resistance.


Nylon powder. Note: Additional materials such as carbon, aluminum and fiberglass can be added to this process in order to achieve greater part strength, rigidity, and heat deflection.


Parts can be dyed, painted, and machined after printing.

3D Printers

SPro 230.

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commercial 3D printing services Calgary

3’D Revolution Technologies offers cost-effective commercial 3D printing services. We have developed our in-house 3D printing ecosystem based on an ideal combination of 3D printing capabilities for engineers, machine shops, service bureaus, custom fabricators, and small manufacturers looking for functional commercial 3D printing parts.

our 3D printing materials

metal 3D printing

metal 3D printing services Calgary
metal 3D printing Calgary

3D metal printing is poised to become mainstream with the introduction of the ADM 3D metal printing platform. ADM printing technology is making high quality, cost effective metal 3D printing Calgary accessible to businesses and professionals that require strong, functional, end use parts with the specific attributes found only in alloys.

Printers We Use:

3D metal printing company Calgary

The Markforged MetalX has redefined our online 3D printing services with respect to metal. This office and workshop friendly system offers cost effective, accessible, high quality results which have set the stage for widespread commercialization and professional use of metal 3D printing. The best attributes of this 3D metal printer are strength, quality/finish, and usability. It is best used for fully functional, lightweight, complex machine parts that are cast quality and ready for end use.

composite 3D printing

composite 3D printing company Calgary
composite 3D printing services Calgary

In 3D composite printing, continuous (engineered) fibers such as Carbon Fiber, Kevlar and Fiberglass are added to plastic substrate layers in order to give parts specific characteristics such as dimensional stability, strength, stiffness, heat deflection, insulation, abrasion resistance, flexibility, etc.

Printers We Use:

3D composite printing company Calgary

Markforged Composite Printers transcend the realm of our 3D prototyping service. We use this 3D printing technology to print amazing composite and continuous fiber parts (CFF) that can be reinforced for metal-strength.

plastic 3D printing

plastic 3D printing company Calgary

3D plastic printing represents the bulk of the current marketplace in 3D printing Calgary technologies. Current available platforms essentially fall into 1 of 2 categories based on the type of plastic they use ie. Thermoplastics (filaments), or Photo Reactive (resins). 3D plastic printing generally produces the most cost effective and high quality results with respect to 3D modeling, design, and form-fit testing applications, as well as large format 3D printing services Calgary, and low volume, high value production use cases.

Printers We Use:

3D plastic printing company Calgary

Want to print big? With Modix large format 3D printers, printing volume is no longer an issue which makes this our go-to technology for commercial 3D printing services in Calgary. These printers feature top brand name components, open platform, and open materials with compatibility for most filament plastics (1.75 & 2.85 mm) up to 300 degrees C.

3D digital design services calgary

Digital design goes hand in hand with 3D printing. You can't print without a digital model and the geometry of that model, although unlimited in complexity and potential, has to be designed in such a way as to take advantage of the benefits of 3D Printing without inadvertently incorporating its main drawbacks, such as support, excessive time/cost to print, etc. We offer expertise in a variety of digital design and production services, including:

  • Design for Additive Manufacturing (DFAM)
  • Hybrid Additive Manufacturing
  • 3D Production Consulting
  • 3D Fusion Manufacturing
3D printing design services Calgary

our proven 3D printing process

To make a physical part or component “real” using 3D printing, you will need to do at least the first 2 of the 4 things prescribed below, depending on your usecase (application).

1. make it digital

All our 3D printing services require a digital model to begin and we are here to help every step of the way.

  • Get 3D model (STEP or STL formats) of part(s)
  • Part Analysis and Cost Estimates based on your model
  • Optimize model using Design for Additive Manufacturing (DFAM) principles.

2. make it physical

Generating a physical part from a digital model is a prototyping process that we have perfected in our 10 years of experience.

  • Print cost effective prototypes
  • Validate physical outcomes and attributes associated with design
  • Iterate as required to achieve optimized outcomes
  • Develop project plan and budget (from prototype to fully scaled production)

3. make it strong

Our innovative 3D Fusion process helps improve the strength in 3D printed parts.

  • Select appropriate materials, platforms, and printer settings for fabrication
  • Post Processing of 3D printed parts

4. make it work

We use functional testing of the finished parts and iterate the design as needed to help make it real!

  • Iterate process of design, print, and testing as required
  • Develop strategies for scaled production

What is “it” you may ask? it is anything you can imagine! And we specialize in moving all kinds of “anythings” through the New Product Development Cycle. Let us apply our current, professional, and specialized knowledge of 3D printing and Hybrid AM to your unique manufacturing challenges. We can help you through any steps and stages of the process as you require, in order to Make It Real!

accelerate your business with 3D printing

Our 3D printing services will...

  • calgary 3D printing increases design freedom
    increase design freedom
  • calgary 3D printing services improve product value
    increase product value
  • 3D printing calgary increases production rate
    increase throughput
  • 3D printing services calgary that improve infrastructure
    increase productivity
  • our 3D printing services will reduce your requirements
    reduce turnaround time
  • our 3D printing services will reduce your requirements
    reduce assembly cost
  • our 3D printing services will reduce your requirements
    reduce inventory
  • mass customization with calgary 3D printing company
    enable customization
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Digital Manufacturing and fully scaled Production using 3D printing and AM is finally here!

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customer reviews

"My company and I have used 3D prints from here many times at this point. Always impressed by the professionalism and willingness to take the extra step. Great source of 3D printing experience if you're not familiar with the intricacies of designing using additive manufacturing."


"I needed to develop a prosthetic foot that could be subjected to loads of 225 lbf for >500k cycles. I tried to develop an exclusively 3D printed solution but the the FDM & SLA solutions regularly failed 50k cycles. The hybrid print & fill strategy Rob employs substantially increased the durability of the prosthetic. To underscore the durability of the final design of the prosthetics, some of the metallic components (bolts & spring steel) had to be replaced while the PLA/polyurethane components are still going strong (>1M cycles)."


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