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3D printing

We offer a host of 3D Printing, Rapid Prototyping, and Digital Production capabilities that are ready to meet your unique manufacturing challenges!

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digital design

Optimized geometry and bespoke digital design. We specialize in design for additive manufacturing (DFAM).

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3D fusion

3D Fusion is a novel additive manufacturing method used to improve the isotropic strength, quality, and structural consistency of as-built 3D printed parts.

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customer reviews

"My company and I have used 3D prints from here many times at this point. Always impressed by the professionalism and willingness to take the extra step. Great source of 3D printing experience if you're not familiar with the intricacies of designing using additive manufacturing."


"I needed to develop a prosthetic foot that could be subjected to loads of 225 lbf for >500k cycles. I tried to develop an exclusively 3D printed solution but the the FDM & SLA solutions regularly failed 50k cycles. The hybrid print & fill strategy Rob employs substantially increased the durability of the prosthetic. To underscore the durability of the final design of the prosthetics, some of the metallic components (bolts & spring steel) had to be replaced while the PLA/polyurethane components are still going strong (>1M cycles)."


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