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We produce cost effective & functional commercial quality parts for our clients by using sustainable manufacturing methods that create unlimited possibilities.

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3’D revolution Technologies

3’D Revolution Technologies provides 3D Printing & Design, 3D Fusion Manufacturing, digital production consulting, and technology sales. We recognize that the Third Industrial Revolution, which began with the digital age, is accelerating and we want to assist others in their efforts to engage and embrace the technologies currently redefining the industrial landscape. We believe these technologies offer abundant opportunity for sustainable, distributed, and democratic growth.

  • calgary 3D printing increases design freedom
    Increase your design freedom
  • calgary 3D printing increases design freedom
    Increase the value of your products
  • calgary 3D printing increases product value
    Reduce production turnaround time
  • calgary 3D printing increases production rates
    Enable mass customization
  • calgary 3D printing enables mass customization
    make it real
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rob thiessen

president of 3'D revolution technologies Inc

post industrial manufacturing

digital revolution

3D printing is turning manufacturing on its head “as it sails”!

The Third Industrial Revolution, as described by Jeremy Rifkin in his book of the same title, is well represented in the 26 foot sculpture by Hung-Chih Peng from Taiwan. The sculpture is built of 100,000 individual parts, each 3D printed and assembled into the boat by hand. The work is called “The Deluge: Noah’s Ark.” Peng says it is a comment on the inability of humans to solve the crises that lay before them, including climate change.

Some believe that in order to solve the issues of our day, we must chart a “new course”, or “turn the ship around”! Consider this…Peng is using the technology of our day, not to reproduce, reposition, or re-design the Ark. He’s using it to turn the Ark on its head as it sails!

our mission

Our mission is to produce cost effective & functional commercial quality parts for our clients by using sustainable manufacturing methods with unlimited possibility.

our pursuit

We accelerate business productivity, and provide manufacturing freedom through the adoption of 3D technologies.

our vision

Our vision is to promote freedom through innovation, the power of creation, and helping others to make it real with our 3D Fusion and 3D Printing technology.

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Digital Manufacturing and fully scaled Production using 3D printing and AM is finally here!

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customer reviews

"My company and I have used 3D prints from here many times at this point. Always impressed by the professionalism and willingness to take the extra step. Great source of 3D printing experience if you're not familiar with the intricacies of designing using additive manufacturing."


"I needed to develop a prosthetic foot that could be subjected to loads of 225 lbf for >500k cycles. I tried to develop an exclusively 3D printed solution but the the FDM & SLA solutions regularly failed 50k cycles. The hybrid print & fill strategy Rob employs substantially increased the durability of the prosthetic. To underscore the durability of the final design of the prosthetics, some of the metallic components (bolts & spring steel) had to be replaced while the PLA/polyurethane components are still going strong (>1M cycles)."


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